How do I correct EDI rejections and dispatch issues? Follow

As long as it is not a monetary adjustment, you can edit the invoice and make the correction on the save/print window > View EDI button. Make the change and save it. Make sure Resend EDI is checked.

Problem: “Total charges do not equal sum of parts” - Not reading the second line

Fix: edi - LOWER line item kit for qtr glass was sending as a kit. Changed type to misc so should work. Duplicated as a w/o and will have her resubmit.

Problem: When we create a workorder from dispatches, the account defaults to the agent id instead of the insurance company. Is this normal? Shouldn't it be defaulting to the insurance co?

Fix: Issue was with duplicate entity codes. Insurance companies and agents having the same name.

Problem: Needs to send old invoices to Lynx

Fix: Went to view \batch sent invoices - Made a batch of those two invoices and sent again.

Problem: Same referral number on two different invoices

Fix: Check the Gemini tool for what came in. In GlasPac, bring up the invoice with the wrong referral number in the save/print window > View EDI information. Change the referral number here to what it should be. Save. Resubmit.

Problem: Invalid Program ID

Fix: Open Customers > Insurance Maintenance and enter the correct EDI Assigned ID for the Safelite 3rd party billing area of LX: see below

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