How do I repair MSDE 2000 SP3 with MSDE 2000 Release A? Follow

To ensure the installation of MSDE 2000 on the workstation or server is in a proper state for MSDE 2000 Service Pack 4 to be installed, the installation must be repaired. To repair the MSDE installation, use the following instructions:

  • Extract the downloaded copy of the MSDE 2000 Release A to C:\MSDERelA by running the self-extracting executable.
  • Stop the GTS ComApp service if it is running.
  • The upgrade process requires that Windows Authentication is enabled and the local Administrators group has rights to connect to the MSDE instance. From a command prompt window, run osql -Usa and provide the sa account password when prompted.
  • Once connected to the MSDE instance, run the following commands:
    • sp_grantlogin 'builtin\administrators'
    • go
    • exit
  • Run the following command from a command prompt to repair the MSDE 2000 installation on the computer:
  • After the repair of MSDE 2000 has been completed, delete the C:\MSDERelA directory.
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