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Creating New Templates

We recommend that you create a custom template for each notification that you plan on using (ie: Agent Quote email, Customer Job Complete email, etc.).
An easy way to get started is to:

  1. Select a system template (ie: Customer: Job Complete)
  2. Create Duplicate
  3. Customize the duplicate to meet your needs

First, select a system template and click on the Create Duplicate button:


This will bring up the new duplicated template in the Template Editor:

From here, you will want to:

  • Name your template (so that you know what it’s intended purpose is during the selection process)

  • Customize the email content (NOTE: You will need some limited HTML knowledge to do this piece)

Add tags (dynamic content that is automatically populated from the order info – they display with # symbols on both sides, ie: #CUST_NAME#) from the Tags list in the right page.

And/or add images (uploaded from your computer) to the email: (uploaded from your computer) to the email:

  • Preview your email template: Check out what your email will look like! Go to the Preview tab to see your email preview. For any Tags that you’ve entered, you will see placeholder text (ie: John Doe in this example) in the Preview view. For actual emails, tags will be populated with real data from the order itself (similar to how a mail merge works).

  • Save your email template: Once you are happy with your custom email template and how it is previewing, click Save


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