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The email system in GlasPac LX (LX) allows you to send out Order information to your customers.  It also allows you to send notifications for Jobs Completed, Quote requests, and Schedule reminders.  This document show you how to assign these notification, as well as how to create custom notification of your own.

This document is broken up into separate KB Articles with links to each additional step.


Email Setup

If you have not already setup your email account in LX, please click on the link below to find instructions on how to set it up.  Your email must be setup for the Notification system to work.

How do I setup email in GlasPac LX?


Notification Template Overview

At a system-wide level, you can build as many HTML email templates as you need for different purposes and milestones. To help, we’ve provided some very basic system default templates that you can look at and build from. The default templates are named in a way that match up to milestones (or notification points in the order process).
Note: You do not need to use or build all emails and/or templates, you can pick and choose on a branch-by-branch basis which emails to utilize.

Click on Company > Email Template Maintenance to get started

From the Template Maintenance page, you can do the following by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the page:

  • Create New: to create a new template from scratch (only recommended if you can create HTML code)
  • Create Duplicate: to copy one of the system templates and customize to fit your company (ie: to add your company name, phone number, etc.)
  • Delete: to delete un-used email templates (you cannot delete the default system templates)
  • View / Edit: to view a template or edit a template (you cannot edit system templates)

We recommend that you create a customer template for each notification that you plan on using (ie: Agent Quote email, Customer Job Complete email, etc.).


Creating Custom Notification Templates

How do I create email notification templates?


Setting up Notifications in Branches

How do I setup email notifications in branch settings?


Setting up Customer and Agent Notifications

How do I setup notifications for customers and agents?


Sending Notifications Automatically or Manually

Where do I setup manual and automatic notifications?


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