How do I Setup Lock Pricing on Orders? Follow

Setup the Discount Maintenance window for Lock Pricing:

  1. Select Customers > Discount Maintenance.
  2. Edit the discount (for example: Cash) and check Lock Pricing On Orders.
  3. Click Save.

Next, set the Company Settings to not allow price overrides:

  1. Select Company > Settings.
  2. Expand Application Settings if necessary.
  3. Select General Application Settings.
  4. Check Do Not Refresh Line Item Pricing.
  5. Click Save.

Last, set the user groups to disallow price overrides:

  1. Select Company > Security Groups.
  2. Edit the group (for example: CSR) and click the Action Security tab.
  3. Clear the check mark for Edit Line: Pricing and Accounting.
  4. Click Save.
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