How do I change my Pilkington ordering settings? Follow

On Wed, November 26th, 2014, Pilkington changed its online ordering server. This will require changes to your GlasPac LX setup. The primary change is to your ComApp settings with some additional changes that may need to occur within GlasPac LX.

Com App

To start the com app administrator tool, select Tools -> Start ComApp Admin Tool

Click the Settings button to bring up the configuration window. Select the Partners tab.

Change or verify the data on this page to match the following:

GlasPac LX

There are no changes to vendor setup in GlasPac LX. However, you should check your Pilkington vendor setup to ensure the data is correct. To do this, click Purchasing > Vendor Maintenance.

Once the Vendor finder displays, select your Pilkington Online Vendor and click Edit Vendor.

On the Vendor Maintenance screen, click the Delivery tab, and verify the data used to log into Pilkington.  Click Save to confirm your settings and exit.

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