How do I create an Auto Labor code with a base price plus an hourly rate? Follow

This document will use an example of an Auto Labor code for $40.00 Base rate with a $35.00 per hour charge.

  • In GlasPac LX, select on Products > Auto Labor
  • Click on the Create New Auto Labor button
  • On the ID field, enter a unique identifier:

For this example we will use 40B+35H

  • On the Description field give information to your users about this labor code:

$40 Base + $35 Per hour

  • Select a Category for your new labor code:

Auto Labor-Misc Auto Labor

  • Select a Disc. Product Type, Tax Product Type, and G/L Account for this code:

LABA - Labor Auto glass
AutoL - Auto Labor

  • Enter the base rate in the Plus $ Amount field:


  • Enter the hourly rate in the Price field at the right of the screen:


Click Save, and your new Auto Labor code is ready to be used.


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