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GTS has implemented a new document management application that uses a Windows file system, providing increased efficiency storing existing and new documents.

Customers currently on GlasPac®LX will need to use a conversion tool to extract the existing attachment files from the zip file used to store files pre V6.31 Release, and store them using the new methodology. The conversion tool will only need to be run one time when upgrading to GlasPac®LX V6.31 and is provided as a standalone tool which is included on the installation DVD.

The user interface, illustrated below, provides the ability to browse for and identify the location of the existing dafa.dat file in which the files are currently stored. The user is also prompted to provide the attachment root file path for the attachment files. It is important to note that the Domain, Username and Password will need to be entered if the user does not have read/write/edit access to the root path directory.

The new document management application has restrictions on file types and size. The conversion tool will convert files that do not meet the criteria since there were no previous restrictions. Although the files will convert, the conversion tool will generate an output text file listing exceptions for all files that fall under the “restricted” categorization.

Converted files will be attached to the order as they were before the upgrade.

The root path and credentials (domain, username and password) will also need to be entered into Attachment Configuration under Application Settings in GlasPac®LX.


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