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Connecting from a customer's computer

The preferred method for transferring files to and from the GTS FTP (FTP) site by using the FileZilla application.  You can download FileZilla client from

Enter the following information for the following fields:


Username:   ogtsftp

Password:   99.RefLXtion$

Click the Quickconnect button to log in.

The FTP files and folders will appear on the right half of the screen under Remote site.  You can now drag and drop files from the FTP site to the local computer, or from the local computer to the FTP site.

Most of the folders on the FTP site are download only.  The inbound folder is the exception. Files can only be saved to the inbound folder when using the ogtsftp logon.

Connecting from a GTS Services company computer

Just like the section above, the preferred method of transferring files between your computer and the FTP site is by using the FileZilla application.

You will be supplied with a username and password to log on to the FTP site.  The Host address for FileZilla is

Your user account will have permissions to download and remove files from the inbound folder, and upload files to the outbound folder.

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