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The Glass Probability feature is a new addition to GlasPacLX in version 7.21.  Based on historical invoicing data, the Glass Probability feature shows which pieces of glass have been used for most Vehicles in the NAGS catalog.  Depending on how many uses each piece has out of the total uses for that glass type, one of five terms will appear to show how often each piece of glass is used per glass type.



To use this feature, you need to be setup as a retail shop in Glaxis.  If you currently use Online Ordering or receive electronic dispatches, then you are already setup in Glaxis.  If you aren’t setup, our support team can help get you setup as a Retail Shop to use this feature.

If you already use one of the other Glaxis services mentioned above, you can set yourself up to use this feature.  Navigate to Company>Setting and go to “External Communications”.  Once you are there, click on the button “Try to Pull Values from ComApp”.


If you have any questions or issues with setup, contact our support team and a technician can help you out.

Using Glass Probability

Once you are setup, using the feature is pretty easy.  At any time that you are in the NAGS catalog viewing parts, you can simply click on the Glass Probability button, and the results for that vehicle will appear. 


If you would like to know what the resulted terms mean, click on the “Usage Detail” button, and a small pop-up window will appear explaining the terms.


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