ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Re-Calibration Notification and Form Follow


The ADAS Re-Calibration Notification and Form is a new feature to GlasPacLX in version 7.21.  When a windshield has been added to an order from the NAGS catalog that has been flagged as possibly needing re-calibration by the Dealer or other qualified specialist, a pop up note will alert the CSR to inform the customer.  And also an ADAS signature form will be available to print for the customer to sign.


Adding a part from the NAGS catalog that may require re-calibration

From inside an order, click on the NAGS Catalog button.

Select a vehicle that will have any of the ADAS re-calibration qualifying equipment on it (i.e. Lane Departure Warning).

Select a windshield with any of the ADAS specific equipment on it.

Take note of the popup note.  The Close button will close the pop-up note, but it will pop-up again the next time you open the order again.  The Customer Informed button will permanently hide the pop-up note, and will no longer pop-up.


An order note in the “Edit Notes” section of the order has been added as a Note to Print on the order.  Also, on the Customer tab, May Require ADAS Calibration has been added below the Vehicle section in red letters.

When you go to Save and Print the order, the ADAS Customer Consent Form will also be set to Print by default. 



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